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The Julian Assange Biography The Most Dangerous Man in the World (April 2011) by Andrew Fowler. “The thrilling, definitive account of WikiLeaks and the man who is as secretive as the organisations he targets”

The Julian Assange Biography: The Most Dangerous Man in the World is written by Andrew Fowler and published by Melbourne University Press. Fowler, an Australian writer with many awards under his literary belt details the twists and turns of Julian Assange’s life from his early childhood in Australia to his youth “Hacktivism” to his ultimate founding of the game-changing organization Wikileaks. The Julian Assange Biography is quite the read!

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In fact, Hollywood movie studios are anticipating an excellent perspective and story to emerge from this book by Fowler. So much so that the rights to the Julian Assange Biography The Most Dangerous Man in the World have been sold to Barry Josephson and Michelle Krumm for their Wikileaks Movie.

If you are interested in learning more about Andrew Fowler and his experience with Wikileaks and Julian Assange the team at ABC posted their interview with Fowler.

In late 2010, we learned that Julian Assange, out of economic necessity, will soon release his autobiographical memoirs. However there are reports of delay as the months drag on into 2011. These memoirs are reported to have brought Assange over a million dollars, monies which are desperately needed to keep the mission and vision of Wikileaks alive and kicking.

In the very near future there will be enough biographies, memoirs. films and movies about Julian Assange and Wikileaks to fill a small study (or Lady Gaga CD). But this Julian Assange Biography will be certainly be one for the history books…as well as the Wikileaks Movie.

Andrew Fowler is an award-winning investigative journalist and a contributing reporter for the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent and Four Corners programs. He has been chief of staff and acting foreign editor of The Australian newspaper and a reporter with SBS Dateline and Channel 7, as well as heading up the ABC’s Investigative Unit. He first interviewed Julian Assange for the ABC in May 2010.

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