Wikileaks, Yemen & the “Arab Spring” — Update & Impacts of Cablegate

Wikileaks, Yemen & the "Arab Spring" -- The Impacts (Source: SANAA_March 15 by Sallam)

What is the role of Wikileaks in Yemen and the “Arab Spring?” In Yemen, political revolt is in full swing. President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left the country for Saudi Arabia as the “Arab Spring” uprising causes bloodshed and a transformation in power structures.

The causes for this watershed event are many, but many wonder “What has been the role of Wikileaks?” At the recent Hay Festival, Julian Assange remarked that Wikileaks had ”played a significant role” but acknowledged that many factors are at play, not simply the influence of Wikileaks cable releases. This assessment by Julian Assange seems to be a balanced, honest representation of the impacts of Wikileaks on Yemen and the wider “Arab Spring.” In this article provides a few key resources that will introduce events in Yemen as related to Wikileaks and the “Arab Spring.”

Al Jazeera English — “Yemen update: Fighting Rages in Sanaa”

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EuroNews: Both Sides Defiant in Yemen

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The Guardian — “Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests”

Ever since a man in Tunisia burned himself to death in December 2010 in protest at his treatment by police, pro-democracy rebellions have erupted across the Middle East. Our interactive timeline traces key events

(Source: The Guardian)

Continued at: — Yemen, Twitter and Smuggling the Real Time Wikileaks Movie into Our Lives

…In Yemen, a feared General known for smuggling is backing the opposition…People who have very little care about international diplomacy or “information freedom” are now engaged and learning. They now know where Yemen is on a map and have understanding about this country’s internal affairs…

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WikiLeaks cables: Yemen Offered US ‘open door’ to Attack Al-Qaida on its Soil

Dispatches reveal president’s secret deal to let US launch missile attacks on Aqap, but claim it as Yemen’s own work

The president of Yemen secretly offered US forces unrestricted access to his territory to conduct unilateral strikes against al-Qaida terrorist targets, the leaked US embassy cables reveal.

In a move that risked outraging local and Arab opinion, Ali Abdullah Saleh told Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser, John Brennan, in September 2009: “I have given you an open door on terrorism. so I am not responsible,” according to a secret dispatch back to Washington.

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Thank you for reading this update on Wikileaks, Yemen & the “Arab Spring.” It is important to follow issues in Yemen closely, and “connect the dots” to understand the role of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. This article builds on our expanding library of informative articles and updates related to all things Wikileaks including recent pieces on @exiledsurfer, James Spione’s “Incident in New Baghdad,”Greg MitchellThe Ireland Cables, the PBS LulzSec Hack and Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo). It continues our tradition of highlighting relevant Wikileaksand Julian Assangenews and events as well as the many moviesfilms, DVD, televised specials and documentary film projects about this important story. Additionally, make sure to check in with with our massive “Go To” resource archive for online videos, film clips, trailers on Wikileaks as well as Julian AssangeBradley ManningBirgitta JonsdottirLulz Sec &Anonymous.


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