Oliver Stone – Legendary American Film Director and Screenwriter “Comments on Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning”

Oliver Stone (Source: Nicolas Genin)

Oliver Stone, the legendary and controversial American film director and screenwriter, recently shared his thoughts on Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning while speaking to students and faculty at Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

In a series of rarely viewed YouTube videos brought to our attention by blogger Maria Technosux, viewers will hear Stone (JFK, Natural Born Killers, Platoon) comment on an array of topics including global politics, war and freedom of speech. However in this post Wikileaks-Movie.com brings your attention to Oliver Stone’s comments on Wikileaks, Julian Assange & Bradley Manning. And while we have transcribed only these comments in this post, we encourage you to view each of these videos in their entirety.

“WikiLeaks was a great boon to people such as myself who believe that the truth can only help us.” – Oliver Stone

American Film Director & Screenwriter

The team at Wikileaks-Movie.com hopes you find this material on Oliver Stone insightful and interesting. We extend our thanks to Blogger Maria Technosux for bringing this “find” to our attention and welcome you to share “finds” like this to Wikileaks-Movie.com and we’ll do our best to review, publish and acknowledge those contributions.

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Video 1 |   Oliver Stone at LKY School of Public Policy (#8) w/ Transcription

7:23 – Oliver Stone: His [president Obama’s] mandate is the media, not people. He can laugh when a protestor stands up and says: “What about Bradley Manning, and the way you are treating him?”. (shrugs). What about him? “Funny”, he says. It’s not funny. It’s a pretty horrible situation we have in the US…

Curator: Who is Bradley Manning?

Oliver Stone: He is a soldier who leaked to WikiLeaks.

Curator: Oh, WikiLeaks… the private…

Oliver Stone: He is really cruelly imprisoned. Contrary to our constitution. For months now. [Obama] He’s been called on it repeatedly in our country. And no one has done anything for him. They haven’t even given him a trial. But this of course is true about the Gitmo people and many other people around the world within our system of detention.

Transcribed by: Maria Technosux

This Lecture Series is Continued Here on YouTube

NOTE: The audio quality is poor, but we are attempting to locate better audio versions.


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Video 2 |  Oliver Stone at LKY School of Public Policy (#13) w/ Transcription

5:22 – Oliver Stone:WikiLeaks was a great boon to people such as myself who believe that the truth can only help us. And the WikiLeaks scandal…the way the media came down on this Assange…They smeared him…all the usual stuff that they do…those of us who have been around a long time recognize that from the Ellsberg case. Interesting thing of course is the Ellsberg case…what he released was top secret…what Manning released wasn’t secret. So Ellsberg really violated in a far deeper way…look at him now…people admire him…Ellsberg finally got on the right side, he was on the right side of history, but now he’s been more recognized.

Oliver Stone, cont: I hope one day that Julian Assange and above all Bradley Manning is free…I don’t think Bradley Manning’s gonna to get out of it…

Oliver Stone, cont: WikiLeaks has changed the world already. I mean what are we saying….There is so much WikiLeaks has released that we haven’t even absorbed yet….and I’ve heard so many stories…even from Venezuela…but also the Middle East….WikiLeaks has got some surprises ahead of us….It may not make vast changes because the government ridicules it but it does get out into the consciousness… change is possible…So let’s root for WikiLeaks…Had WikiLeaks been around in 2003 George Bush would never have pulled off his conspiracy to go to war in Iraq.”

Transcribed by: Wikileaks-Movie.com

This Lecture Series is Continued Here on YouTube

NOTE: The audio quality is poor, but we are attempting to locate better audio versions.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWg0AiBv5M4′]


“Most Popular” YouTube Movie Trailers | Oliver Stone

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