“The Spy Who Leaked Me” – Is Julian Assange Really a CIA Spy and Wikileaks a CIA Front? – Plus James Bond 007 MOVIE REMIX

julian assange cia -spy-who-leaked-me-wikileaks-movie-remix

Remix Art by (@MerlinStreet)

Is Julian Assange really a CIA Spy and Wikileaks a CIA Front? Well according to a new opportunistic book by Daniel Estulin, he is, and Wikileaks just drew attention to it on Twitter.

As Periodista Digital reports, “Most people believe that Wikileaks has a loyal and popular journalism and is a model of virtue. But not all. Daniel Estulin, who became famous after publishing the secrets of the Bilderberg Club, now produces a profile of this web site and its creator, Julian Assange, which is far from the official version commonly accepted. By tracking the funding source of the greatest act of revealing state secrets, Estulin found links with the media, businesses and organizations from different sectors that led him to the gates of the CIA and th NSA in the U.S. In addition, the study and disclosure of Assange as a CIA spy creates at least a reasonable doubt in the reader of this book entitled Deconstructing Wikileaks.”
@Wikileaks | Assange is a CIA agent, according to another opportunistic book… aint journalism grand? http://t.co/e3VzTJH
July 28, 2011 – Twitter
And in the spirit of this new spy revelation, our Wikileaks-Movie.com contributing artists thought it is fitting for a new James Bond 007 movie remix. We hope you enjoy!


“The Spy Who Leaked Me”  |  Remix by Merlin Street (@MerlinStreet

Julian Assange is a CIA Spy the-spy-who-leaked-me-wikileaks-movie-remix

Remix Art by Merlin Street (@MerlinStreet)

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