EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! The “Wikileaks Truck Driver” Clark Stoeckley – Creator of “Wikileaks Top Secret Mobile Collection Unit” – Artist, Activist, Entertainer and Wiki-Prankster


Art Remix by Merlin Street - @MerlinStreet (Click to View Larger Image)

Wikileaks-Movie.com is pleased to introduce Clark Stoeckley, driver of the world’s first Wikileaks Truck called the “WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit” and member of the Anonymous Theater Art Group. As many have remarked, when it comes to the Wikileaks story, “You  just can’t make this s__t up!” The issues are serious but there is plenty of room and an important role for levity, art and theatrics.

And now, just as we are watching new episodes of “The Lulz Boat” and taking in our daily dose of “JuiceMedia RapNews” here comes Clark driving along in his thought provoking WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit” making the White House and U.S. Secret Service a little nervous.

“In a slick Hollywood “Wikileaks Movie”, the truck would bust through the gate check and do donuts in the front lawn of the White House. I do all my own stunts.” Clark Stoeckley


This beast of a machine (formerly a U-Haul truck) has over 200,000 miles on it but keeps running strong, fueled by Clark’s creativity and his drive to make a political and social statement. And while the fuel efficiency of his rig is very poor, Clark Stoeckley is definitely getting high political and social mileage out of his Wikileaks Truck art project.

Like the Wikileaks and Bradley Manning Billboard Projects, Clark Stoeckley has found a very engaging way to transform an old-but-sturdy U-Haul truck into a creative “Vehicle” for public political activism. Blending his political pranksterness with an arts background Clark’s truck is gaining speed. He is navigating political pot holes and dealing with the occasional traffic citation. And of course there are the high fives and middle fingers that go with the terrain. We thank Clark for this interview hope you enjoy learning more about Clark Stoeckley and his “WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit.”

Clark Stoeckley – The Wikileaks-Movie.com Interview

Clark Stoeckley (Photo Dwayne Butcher)

Clark Stoeckley ( Photo by: John Penley, Bradley Manning Rally Organizer in NYC)

1. What in the world are you up to, Clark?

About 6’1″.  That is my usual smart ass answer to that question. I am an artist and I have taught art in Brooklyn high schools. I have been driving the Wikileaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit around DC and NYC and in between.

“The project is part art, part activism, and part prank.”

I started the Wikileaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit on March 19th for a Rally for Bradley Manning at the White House. I drove the truck along with the march and circled the National Mall all day long. I parked the truck nearby and joined the protest on foot for an hour. After the protestors, including Daniel Ellsberg, were arrested I returned to the truck to find Secret Service boys on bicycles peeking in the windows. I smiled, waved at them, and then jumped in and took off. They followed me around for a few blocks and called for backup.

I was pulled over for supposedly driving in a No Truck Zone, but there was never any signage to alert me. In fact I mailed photos of the two intersections that led me to 17th Street along with my ticket, and there are no signs prohibiting trucks. They told me it was a post-911 law and that truck drivers just knew not to drive on that street. They told me it was a routine traffic stop, but there was nothing routine about it. They were doing background checks and pat downs on my fellow passengers, and they searched my truck and me thoroughly… twice.

“They wanted to know everything about me, who I worked for, what I knew about Wikileaks… I would always answer questions with questions.”

I was arrested for driving with an old license, but that was not true. Their computers were not updated. I was only in jail for 6 hours, but they interrogated me heavily. They wanted to know everything about me, who I worked for, what I knew about Wikileaks, what my intent was, and where I was going. I would always answer questions with questions “Enough about me, would you like to share some secrets with Wikileaks?” or “Do you usually ask these kinds of questions for routine traffic stops?” “What do you know about Bradley Manning and Julian Assange?” or “Why are you not pulling over that truck” while pointing to other trucks passing by on the same street. The driving with an old license was dropped before the court date but I still went anyway, and I am still waiting to hear if I have to pay for the No Truck Zone ticket.


Remix Art by Merlin Street (@MerlinStreet) - Click Image to View Larger Version

“Since then I have been driving around New York City, Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Quantico, VA, as well as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Soon I would like to make a trip to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where Bradley Manning was recently transported. I would like to raise money to have Wikileaks Top Secret Mobile Information Units all across the globe by mailing adhesive vinyl graphics to willing participants to install on their van or truck.”


WIKILEAKS TRUCK  VIDEO | The Wikileaks Truck Makes the “Maiden Voyage” in Washington D.C. at the White House “Bradley Manning Rally”

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpEe9XAouCg’]


2. Where do you find your creative and political drive? What gets you going?

The news or lack thereof, coming from our wars in the Middle East makes my blood boil. The lies from the past decade have really piled up and caused the US to lose credibility. Reading about Bradley Manning really gets me going.

“Though I am not connected to Wikileaks, I believe we are all Wikileaks.”

The project is part art, part activism, and part prank. My entire life I have been an artist, an activist, and a prankster. Melding all three is the ultimate goal in my work or play. Though I am not connected to Wikileaks, I believe we are all Wikileaks. I realize that I am not only representing Wikileaks with this project, but everyone who supports them. I strongly believe that Bradley Manning is a hero and true patriot. I believe, or at least I hope, someday he will be pardoned, but I do not see it while Obama is seeking re-election.

Activist performance artists like Rev. Billy, The Yes Men, and Billionaires for Bush inspired me to mix activism and art. Michael Moore really speaks to my interests, and then Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

“The Yes Men” | Film Trailer

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ3WOtHS-D8′]

3. Tell us about the Wikileaks Truck. How’s it running and where’s it heading? How many traffic violations have you received?

I received a ticket for driving in a No Truck Zone, but there was no signage at the two intersections that led me to 17th Street to prohibit me. They arrested me because they thought my license was suspended, but that was a flaw in their computers. All charges have been dropped.

The Wikileaks truck was bought from U-haul. It is close to 200,000 miles and runs a bit rough. I take good care of it and keep it rolling. I have not “pimped” my ride too much but someday I would like to add satellite dishes, dummy cameras, and a hood ornament but have not gotten around to it yet.

Currently the back is filled with empty boxes, and my record collection. Oh that reminds me – So when the Secret Service pulled me over and searched the truck, they asked what would be the first thing they saw when we opened the back. I told them “records”. Their eyes lit up and they and they asked “What kind of records?” My reply was “Mostly classic rock, some R&B and folk.” The door goes up, and the first thing they saw was boxes of 33 rpm vinyl records. They got a good laugh out of that one.

The music system is great. It has both FM and AM, but nothing else. Unfortunately DC has plenty of talk radio and very little music. It does not have subwoofers because there is no space for them. No air conditioning but the heat works great.

The “WikiLeaks Top Secret Mobile Information Collection Unit” at the U.S. Capital


4. When did you first read or hear about Wikileaks and Julian Assange?

Collateral Murder was shown to me last April and I remixed the video into a VJ set in a gallery in May. I love this quote from Bill Hader (impersonating Julian Assange) on Saturday Night Live…

“What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? I give private information on corporations to you for free, and I’m a villain. Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he’s Man of the Year.”


5. Do you work with a team? Tell us about your cohorts in ridiculousness?

I work both solo and collaboratively depending on the project. Often I have worked with the Glass Bead Collective.


6. What has been the public response to your work?

Responses have run the entire gamut of emotions. Wall Street bankers would yell at us and call us derogatory names while tourists would pay us for photos. We nearly got jumped by a group of Army guys last year during Fleet Week. They were drunk and they took off their shirts. I reminded them they were in the middle of Times Square, and that they would probably get kicked out of the Army if they touched us. We also reminded them that the army has fought for our first amendment rights for many years.

And a funny story… last month I was driving around Alexandria and Arlington, VA looking for a place to get my oil changed and a check up.  Three different places refused to look at the truck, and not because they were too busy.  I think they had former military mechanics on staff.  One guy was actually furious and wanted the truck out of his parking lot immediately.  Finally I found an auto shop run by Afghanis.  With big smiles on their faces, they stopped everything to work on my truck.


7. If you were to issue one “Challenge” to humanity what would it be?

I would challenge the world to give up the nukes forever. The US should lead by example.

8. Have you been hit on by anyone because of your attractive vehicle?

It is not a Ferrari or a Porsche. I attract a lot of conspiracy theorists, but they are usually older men who need a bath, and they want to talk my ear off. Some of them actually think I work for Wikileaks and they wish they had something to leak. No I have not gotten hit on by anyone because of the truck. It is a former U-Haul truck with 200,000 miles. Luckily my girlfriend has a car.

9. When it comes for the Wikileaks Movie or Film Projects can you imagine any scenes for the Wikileaks Truck?

I have some shots of the police crawling behind me. In a slick hollywood movie, the truck would bust through the gate check and do donuts in the front lawn of the White House. I do all my own stunts.


Art by @MerlinStreet (OK to Reuse w/ Attribution)


10. You were out driving today. How did it go? Any action to report?

I drove around the National Mall, Capitol, White House, and drove by the Washington Post trying to get their attention. I have a made a map of the “No Truck Zones” but I found myself driving down one today for a couple blocks. I got to an intersection and a traffic cop directed me to make a turn. I get a lot of people taking photos or pointing and laughing. When I drive between NYC and DC I get a mix of middle fingers and thumbs up.

I have to say the police in DC seem to be a lot friendlier than the ones in NYC.

11. Is there anything else you’d like to say or comment on?

Clark Stoeckley Photo Credit: John Penley

Clark Stoeckley (Photo: John Penley)

The Wikileaks truck is a street art project that requires minimal amount of anonymity because my license plate clearly reveals my identity. I bet my phone is tapped and I’ll get audited, but I am not the one hiding anything.  It just proves that our government, their guns, and their investigators never seem to be aiming at the right people. I just mailed away for my Freedom of Information report.

I would like to raise money to have “Wikileaks Top Secret Mobile Information Units” all across the globe by mailing adhesive vinyl graphics to willing participants to install on their van or truck.  If you are interested in supporting the project, please visit my website at: https://flattr.com/profile/WikileaksTruck.


Clark Stoeckley

Website: http://www.cstoeckley.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WikileaksTruck


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