The @ExiledSurfer’s INTERVIEW with Adrian Lamo – “The FBI’s Star Witness in WikiLeaks Espionage Case against Bradley Manning”

Adrian Lamo (Source: The Daily Beast)

Michael Parenti (aka @exiledsurfer) has conducted a lengthy 50 minute online conversation with Adrian Lamo, the former-hacker who turned in alleged Wikileaks whistle blower Bradley Manning to the US Federal Authorities.  Mr. Lamo has recently expressed “No Regrets” over his decision to turn Manning into the authorities.

For @exiledsurfer, this interview/conversation presented many challenges, ultimately leading to a hacked solution of  “putting a small snappy camera on a pack of cigarettes on my laptop, and shooting it from the screen.” We commend @exiledsurfer for his resourcefulness, fortitude and contribution to history.

The role of Adrian Lamo in the Wikileaks story the detention of Bradley Manning has generated quite a stir, with many detractors and supporters lining up to speak their peace. Michael Parenti (@exiledsurfer) who engaged in lengthy Twitter exchange with Adrian Lamo (@6) in recent days, decided to go straight to the source and interview Adrian Lamo via webcam.  This 50 minute un-edited and un-redacted interview with Adrian Lamo by Michael Parenti is posted online for all to review and we encourage all to watch, listen and comment. You can follow Michael at @exiledsurfer to take part in the follow-up to this historic interview and conversation.

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I remain critical of the choice that Adrian Lamo made to turn Bradley Manning over to the authorities, i still disagree with it. He makes his statements here, judge for yourself about his honesty with himself and with me. My motivation in doing speaking with Lamo is simple: I have read what he has to say, and read what others have reported that he has said, but it is always different to talk to someone directly. It is one thing to do art critical of someone, and another to talk to him face to face when you disagree with him. I tried to approach him neutrally, and allow him to say what he has to say without injecting my personal opinion into the discussion, although it is present. Once again, judge for yourself if i am supporting him or remaining critical.

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Adrian Lamo – Conversation with Michael Parenti (aka @exiledsurfer) PART 1

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Adrian Lamo – Conversation with Michael Parenti (aka @exiledsurfer) PART 2

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